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[l4d2] DROP DEAD GORGES vs. campaign


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hey guys. thought i'd share my ALL INTERNETS copy/paste WIP post with you.










drop dead gorges is a 3 map vs. campaign for l4d2 that i'll be releasing for public testing in the near future. while it can be played in single player or coop (sans rescue closets), these maps have been built specifically with human special infected in mind.

what that means is that the geometry is relentless in its provision of tactical possibilities for all classes of special infected, making for an ongoing and satisfying carnage.

that being said, simply focusing on improving the possibilities for the infected has the potential to make playing on the survivor side a frustrating experience. the method for dealing with this has been to carefully test and tweak the placement and spacing of pharmaceuticals and other supplies, as well as create a rhythm of safe and dangerous spaces that gives any survivor team that is communicating and making intelligent choices a good chance at reaching each safe-room.

i've been testing this campaign in versus mode with members of my community pretty much twice a night every night for a solid 3 months, so, except for the occasional hiccup that will inevitably occur, it is thoroughly playable.

there's a bit more written about it in a recent news post on moddb, at

http://www.moddb.com/mods/drop-dead-gor ... ral-notes1,

so please check it out.

looking forward to sharing this with the l4d community...

moddb page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/drop-dead-gorges (contains additional images and some video)


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thanks guys.

i chuckled to myself when i read solid start. i've been working on this (off and on) since before the official l4d1 sdk was released! :v

i do know what you mean, though. it will be nice if i can can find the time to do a some involved detail passes as i release subsequent versions. it's been so much work getting 3 maps, one of which is huge, just to where i want it gameplay/geometry-wise, that i've had to keep the style of it pretty restrained as a rule.

the versus geometry thing is my angle, so i hope i've struck enough of a balance between an abundance of that and what i have done, set dressing-wise.

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I will install this and try and give some impressions. I'm a semicompetitive L4D/L4D2 player so I'll let you know if I have any feedback on how well it'll play in Vs.

(Unfortunately it's probably unlikely that I'll ever get to play it in a Vs. match unless I can find 7 friends who aren't lazy deadbeats about downloading and installing maps. For whatever reason, downloading a file and double clicking a .vpk is "too much work" for some people.)

Edit: Just realized there is no download link. Will try to remember to get my hands on it when I see this thread updated with a DL.

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