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Upgrading CPU without doing a fresh install of Windows?


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Hey, I googled for this but couldn't find a definitive answer. I basically want to replace my CPU with a better one (just the CPU, not the mobo) and some people said that that could screw windows up. Has anyone here tried that before? I don't want to do a fresh install since that would be installing hundreds of updates and installing all the software crap again.

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I changed my old Socket AM Phenom X2 2,4GHz to Socket AM2+ Phenom X4 3,5 GHz (with mainboard and RAM). My Windows 7 asked for new drivers and rechecked registration. I have a MSDNAA version of Windows so there was no problem with re-registration. If you have OEM it might ask you to call Microsoft and tell them that you had to change some parts of your PC (I had that problem with my old Windows XP - they gave me a new code via phone).

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Shouldn't cause any problems. If you have a new CPU it should work with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows so you're unlikely to have a problem in that respect (at one time they only supported one or the other), and if you do need to reactivate Windows it shouldn't be a problem — normally takes more than one piece of new hardware to necessitate reactivation.

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peaking at 65 degrees on a hot day is nothing to be too worried about, but a better cooler is always a fine investment =) especially when you have alot of hot days.

Yeah I'll do that. Better spend a few bucks on a cheap case fan than having to buy another CPU. I didn't overclock it by the way.

Fun fact: I scavenged this CPU from my ex-work PC I bought when Ubisoft shut down :lol:

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