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I used the proxy, worked, been playing all night lol. Mp is insane

I guess you need the proxy to be ON all the time? I got errors from Battlelog after immediately disabling it after game activation...

I waited until it was finished and didn't have a problem after disabling it.

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EA/ Origin has already sent out emails saying our games are to be unlocked today. I just got said email, sadly it isnt working yet.

Aye Dark, saw the emails about half an hour later :D. Shame i only got an hour in before i had to head to bed. Now to get through the working day quickly ;o

Don't forget to joint he mapcore platoon Y'all! http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391301797620/

As always a suitable camp logo to fit. :)

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my experiences with battle log from the beta was not so good. You could hook up outside of the game and join a squad together and that was all great, but the moment you got inside the game it was all for naught because the server adjusted the teams and didnt put you in the same squad even if you were on the same team.

But im hoping that is all changed with the full release.

on a side note, i spent most of this morning playing through the single player (yes im a dirty pirate, but i have pre ordered the game so my conscience is clean) and it was excellent!

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So i've played several games (conquest) and first map was Caspian boarder, and i've spawned next to da chopper, and the first thing i did was flying in to a tree, steering is different than in BC2, but several crashes and i'm good :) when i was playing lots of choppers were falling from the sky 8)

i love the levels, it is soo cool to explore new stuff, and i love some how some levels are design, like in the level "canals smth" at the beginning of the game i've spawned in da chopper as a pilot and couple of guys was sitting outside as shooters, cool.

What i hate the most is that i have polish language ver, it sux ass, i don't have "be advice" shit :( and even that polish is my mother language, i can't understand shit what they are saying

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