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Zbrush Base Mesh Question - Hard edge and organic together


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Hey guys,

Copy+pasting this from my Polycount thread, thought I'd post it here to see if any of you guys have any input you'd like to share!

Got a quick question for you all; how would you go about making the base mesh for an astronaut-type character in this sort of style:


I'm not sure whether to make a very simply base mesh in Max and just sculpt everything, or make the hard edged stuff such as the helmet ring in Max and import them onto a simple base mesh also made in Max.

Main question is - would you sculpt the zip pouches from the flat base mesh, or model the pouches in Max and just sculpt creases and the zip?

Looking forward to hearing the different ways in which people would approach this.


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I'd build all the solid parts just straight in max or whatever you're using, and for the cloth I'd make a rough basemesh and sculpt on that. If you really want to model the zippers on the pouches as well, do them in max after you're done scultping, laying them out on top of your sculpted mesh :).

short answer: sculpt everything that's orange

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What peris said.

Also for the record, my reply in PC.

I would do as much as I could in max (sub-d modeling) so in zbrush you would only need to add some wrinkles, etc.

Some people will tell you to do most of it in zbrush maybe, but you would need a lot of skills in zb. For me, zb is a tool to add detail, not to sculpt out complete forms, but I'm talking from my experience with env. art, with characters it might vary a bit but afaik the more you do in max the more control you have and the less you'll need to do in zb.

Also check:



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Don't really have a lot of time to learn a new program, I'll mainly use Zbrush for adding wrinkles and stuff to the clothes.

The issue you touched on, HP, is one I'm currently struggling with. I could add a lot of stuff in Max, but I do really want to experiment with Zbrush and give it a go. It is going to be used so much in the near future, that I think it's a necessity that I learn it. Plus it looks really fun!

So, what I think I'm going to do is what Peri said: Sculpt everything in orange; subd the rest. That should work out nicely. I'll keep you guys posted.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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