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Non-industry employment thread!


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Since I don't qualify for the stickied employment thread (non-industry), I made my own :derp:

Just got a job in San Antonio for a company that does non-destructive examination of nuclear reactor vessels! My college friend has been working there for 6 months and got me the job. We are two thirds of the mechanical design team, and the only two mechanical engineers.. So our job is to design robots that inspect welds in nuclear reactors for cracks.

Unfortunately, NDAs prevent me from sharing any CAD/modeling stuff on here (or really anything more than what I said already) :( But its cool. At least I think so!

I get to see the inside of a nuclear reactor for the first time in march :celebrate:

I know there's a lot of gaming industry in the san antonio/austin/houston area, someday we should do a mapcore texas meet-up!

Anyways, I am just excited and wanted to share. Carry on.

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i work for a software developer in bonn (former capital city of west-germany). we make mostly web-applications in java for germanys biggest telecommunication enterprise. :)

btw my work history is as follows:

2005 game graphics

2008 game graphics

2009 mobile applications

2010 teaching at the uni (limited time contract)

2010 web applications

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why change to web applications:

i work on enterprise web applications -> much more well paid than mobile applications or games. of course money isn't everything and you could say "it's not as much fun as games", but that is not true. it can get pretty funny, if you take a look at legacy code :) so i get more money and i have the same amount of fun. win.

which IDE:

i use eclipse with several plugins. jboss tools, svn plugin, mylyn for integration with the ticket system...

the development process is also supported by maven (serious: who works without it when working with java code?)

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