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Steam on the PS3 with Portal 2


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Oh, one day I will buy a ps3. one day ....

Hopefully the prices of games on the ps3 will drop because of steam.

Same, probably when I'm graduated. Too much games I've been missing out on cos of my xbox :(

Pretty cool stuff, perhaps this cross-platform play thing can work out. (Or has it already o.O?) Hasn't this been tried with an FPSMMO kind of game, forgot its name though...

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I recently traded in my xbox 360 for a ps3 and it looks to be one of the best deals ive done.

The games on the ps3 are so amazing (I might be spoiled because ive only played the god of war series, uncharted and assassins creed). Looking forward to portal 2 as well, but I think im gonna get that on the pc. I had a hard enough time on some of the puzzles using a mouse, so I can imagine using a controller will just make things worse :o

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Deal is: PC/Mac Version comes free if you buy PS3 Version. Not the other way around. Steam will be availble on the PS3 for Games that integrate it, in terms of > Friendslist, Communicator, Statistics, Cloud Savegames and Serverbrowser, it will not include > Store, all your other games that are not PS3 in the first place.

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i don't think it was clear in teh first link, but even if you buy portal on pc, you can unlock it on the ps3 for free.

http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/vi ... ice-of-One

I don't think that's right. The PS3 version of Portal 2 comes on Blu-ray, not through PSN. Without a physical copy of the game you won't be playing it on your PS3, and that isn't included in the PC version. The Escapist article even says that PC and 360 owners get significantly less content than PS3 owners (ie: no second copy).

Considering the PC version is roughly the same full-retail price as the PS3 version (£40/$60), it would appear getting the PS3 copy is the no-brainer. An interesting step towards cross-platform games being purchased independently of platform. :-D

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