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Need help on followup to Nintendo Sad Story

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Have started thinking about my new project, the followup to Nintendo : A Sad Story. Have the basic core idea roughed out and can start on it soon. I'm currently inbetween jobs so spare time right now is spent on portfolio though I'm trying to direct the work so it's usable in the next animation. At the moment am just keen to know if there is any interest in such a project, main thing I'm after is

- passion for the original animation and it's direction. Also a love for Zelda.

- creating little environment props and pieces with a slight twist. Same with any characters though right now there is only 1 character required.

- I'll be charge of all texturing/scenes/directing/editing/sfx etc

- Much smaller project than the other film.

- Keen to hear from 3D Max Character Studio animators even if only for advise.

- You'll only be credited though I'd like to reward any great work with a little something.

If anyone is interested please PM me with a link to any Lowpoly work you have done.

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