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[GoW] Embry Station (final)


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After almost a year of distractions and side projects (read: work & gaming), I've finally pushed this level to a state I can call complete. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Download link: http://www.moddb.com/members/serenius/addons/the-liberation-of-ephyra-ch-1-embry-station

I've put a lot of effort into addressing all the feedback that was provided for the beta (thanks again for those who gave it), including the following:

  • [*:34d3zzyh]Increased the play time of the level
    [*:34d3zzyh]Added an additional encounter
    [*:34d3zzyh]Revamped all cutscenes (and removed one)
    [*:34d3zzyh]Improved layout of station upper floor, including revamping the arena
    [*:34d3zzyh]Added coverlinks throughout the level
    [*:34d3zzyh]Tweaked all scripted events to flow better
    [*:34d3zzyh]Added in boatloads of detail
    [*:34d3zzyh]Corrected all reported bugs
    [*:34d3zzyh]Updated lighting

Walkthrough Video:










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Looks really solid now!

Only thing from the vid that felt a bit strange was the satelite laser weapon-thing's position, just laying there, but yeah, the rest looked really well done.

I never got into GoW, but if I do someday I'll make sure to actually play this level :derp:

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Great usage of stock content! I'd try it if I had GOW for PC :(


I only watched the video, but what impressed me the most was how much mileage you got out of that final room. You didn't do anything over the top or too fancy with it, but that was still a nice chunk of varied gameplay in a relatively small space.

Without having played it I can't say for sure, but it did look like the final room could have benefited from being just a bit bigger; the two berserkers at the end looked like they got hung up on each other a bit and with the first one it looked like he was always kind of stopping around the edge of the skylight, which might have been a bit cramped for hammer of dawn use.

Still, very nice work. Better get cracking on part 2!

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