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[Quake] Devastation


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Hey Shad. Love the architecture styles you've got going on in the map, and the use of the hi-res texture remakes make it look as modern as anything but I'm not really a fan of the texture choices? Maybe it's just a personal thing having played around with original quake for years but there's something from all the different episodes/styles thrown into this. Tech trims with castle bricks and metal trims? Seems like a bit of a mish-mash, but again.. maybe just because I can picture what they're normally used with in the game? Anyways, great to see someone keeping q1dm alive still and I'm a big fan of your Q2W and QL stuff. Keep it up! :-D

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Yeah I always found the same with the re-texture packs. I think the low res of the originals always helped things blend easier.. the higher res they are the more noticeable these things become. I'd be interested in seeing some shots with the original textures if you've got them?

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