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Last week I took photo during my lunchtime, not sure if it's good (not in my habits this kind of subject) but I like it Under the bridges.

Man, I should post more in here. It would motivate me to take more pics too. Heres a shot I took a few weeks ago, I'll post more soon.   Big Bear Lake, Island Canon EOS 6D E

Doomsday frankfurt  

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OK, so now my turn. It's nothing "wow" but I want to share it with you guys. Few weeks ago I discovered that place. The red window frames is a part of the culture here, also the language is a bit different, it can be called slang somehow... This region and few cities around where German before the war, also the mines that are nearby. This slang is a mix of Polish and German, crazy sometimes :D




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Not being here for a long time I am not quite sure of the rules yet. So if someone cries for me borrowing this thread apologize in advance. Also, If it is preferable I can begin my own thread.

As you guys know I travel a lot. I also take shitloads of pictures. Sometimes some are so good they beg to be shared. Enjoy this one.


Direct link = better.

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