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Wow, Satisfactory has me hooked. There are too many things I want to be occupied in, and I keep jumping from one thing to another. In the midst of that noise, Satisfactory managed to grab my attention. It's just that urge to complete short objectives in the game, and trying to do it through manual labour, then finding the bottlenecks, and building systems to release that bottleneck. It's immersive especially because it's an FPS. I just wish it had usable controller support, so I could lie back and play it while listening to a podcast or an audiobook. It's a builder-planner game, but with the same chill-factor as Euro Truck Simulator 2. It's not even expensive!


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On 7/15/2021 at 9:02 PM, 0kelvin said:

I'm beginning Bioshock 1 remastered.

Lol. I dropped it back then when I reached the Smuggler's Hideout. I got to a point where I was stuck with no money. Going back to previous levels to farm was a pain because I`d die and burn all the money buying health and eve all over again. 1.5 years later I finished the game on my new desktop. I just got my head over the mechanics and finally was able to take advantage of the research camera and the constant swapping between skills and weapons. After you find the invent machines the game becomes much easier. Finished the game but found out that I missed a lot of secrets. That's probably a good sign, because the design did a good job in hidding them 😁.

The level design of Arcadia must be the worst of the game. It has so much vegetation that it became a forest maze. The apartments levels were also confusing. After playing both bioshock infinite and bioshock 1 I can say that they must have faced incredible technical challenges with bioshock 1. There are very few enemies and the last boss is easy compared to the first one. When you face the doctor you don`t have much powers and weapons. When you face Fontaine you have an excess of powers and weapons. Dodging Fontaine attacks is very easy too. Bioshock infinite presented large open spaces, whereas bioshock 1 spaces were always closed and dark. The background in bioshock 1 is also 2D. The scale of Rapture that you see in the beginning was probably impossible to achieve with the hardware of the time and specially with unreal engine 2.5 limits. I have a faint impression that the decision to make the game take place after the civil war, with an environment that is mostly "dead", decaying and broken, with very few enemies was related to UE 2.5 limits. 

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Ah uh, been so long since release I would have said Bioshock was UE3… which is what they also report as a quote on the Wiki page.


Last week I 100% Spider-Man Miles Morales on the PS4.

Game kinda feels more like a DLC than a stand-alone game. It’s a bit weird cos afaik was sold at full retail price, story is quite long but overall there’s less content than the first game. It is a smoother experience though, which can be a “less is more” thing.

The game also feels much easier, maybe because of the special powers Miles has… but I set it at “Amazing” (or Spectacular? 🤔) and got in the groove very quickly; when I put myself to do the x100 combo I managed in two sessions… whilst I still haven’t beaten all challenges in Spider-Man 2018, which I tried so many times!

Anyway great game to get on discount for the “todoist” gamers.


I started The Order 1884 that I got on offer, after watching a video that was suggesting to reconsider that game. Also always wanted to experience in first person one of the flagship games of the PS4. It’s incredible what RAD managed to squeeze out at the start of the generation, the game still holds up very well!

The UI could be a bit better and the controls are probably the thing that is not up to par to the production.

The other big annoyance are bloated cutscenes followed by areas where you still can’t do anything(!), at least for the beginning chapters of an action game.

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I have picked up The Witness after I don’t even know how long and did some good progress… I think I hadn’t even turn on the first laser, despite doing lots of puzzles across the whole island.

Made lots of progress and turned on x2, very close to turn on a third.

I had to look solutions for 2-3 panels I was really stuck (despite reading the principles of how to solve certain puzzles categories – it’s the goddamn Tetris I’m finding harder, I solved some at first myself first but got to a point…).

The thing that has brought me back to it the most was discovering the bonus(?) puzzles based on perspective. I hadn’t seen them myself, but looking at the guide for those hints I saw a picture and understood immediately this perspective meta game. These are really fun to find!


I also started Sifu but literally only played two sessions. It’s not as immediate and allowing short sessions as I imagined. I did get to the first boss already first session though.

You realise how clever is the level design once you have to replay the chapter the second session, with lots of alternate paths. I mean you see them straight away, but you then discover how you can make following runs to the boss shorter.

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