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6 minutes ago, blackdog said:

What did you like of Prey?

There were a few nice set pieces but the gravity and portals that would have been interesting to create alternate paths and some sort of mini sandbox situation were just an upside down corridor that winds left and right instead of going straight through a room because alien reasons.

Shooting upside down wasn’t fun as one would think.

The organic design of the weapons is not exciting.

The character was a douche like Duke.

All of it, it is a very good game. Maybe try both Prey's? As they are very different for being the same game but not the same game. :v I personally prefer the newer Prey as it gives me warm System Shock 2 feels.


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I'm playing bioshock 2's Minerva's Den. The storyline is better than bioshock 2. But bioshock game is such an unstable game, it crashes way too often. In infinite the game would almost crash, minimizing itself and pausing for no reason. Right now bioshock 2 crashed and refuses to open, something is corrupted.

Levine made a self contained game in bioshock 1. The storyline ends there. Columbia is also self contained. But Columbia suffered from a creativity crisis somehow. The last levels are all at night, with a thunderstorm, snow and the only explanation for it is that you crossed into another dimension. That ghost boss and the white boys are clearly a throwback to Rapture City. They even placed bath tubes in that dark research lab, mimicking Rapture's setting.

Finished Burial at Sea and they forcibly connected both bioshock's worlds for no reason. It creates a paradox where you can't tell which city came first.

For the next game they should keep upgrades, powers and weapons. But make the weapons and the powers meaningful, with tech that is part of the game's world and is required in different scenarios. In infinite you could skip almost all powers and weapons due to their redundant nature.

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Finished the BF4 campaign last week… I found weird the progression, to me it felt it was progressively easier instead of challenging. The way I remember it is an easy rollercoaster punctuated by some frustrating situations. (I played the second hardest difficulty I think.) There are many beautiful set pieces in terms of location and combat options, but a shame destruction doesn’t come to play in SP.

Last night I started God of War, it’s so beautiful I feel like we didn’t need a next gen yet, considering it had a couple years on its back, you’d want to see a couple more games squeezing the platform like this.

Haven’t got used to the combat yet, I was expecting it to be more loose and fast, atm it feels more like Ryse –at least at the second-hardest difficulty– I had to replay the first encounter more times I would have expected.

Is it structured like a hub world? Seems like there were a couple paths to wander off, the one with the first wolves I abandoned after dying.

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I'm playing John Romero's Sigil. Things that I noticed:

- Romero knows how to make the game hard. It's not quantity of monsters, but quality. It's the placement combined with the leveldesign that makes it hard.

- The music perfectly matches doom

- There are clever tricks such as presenting the player with a cyberdemon but you don't have enough ammo or weapons to kill it. What do you do? if you look closely there is another way to frag it that doesn't require weapons at all.

- The secrets are well hidden. It's never obvious.

- Romero really liked the hell's theme. Each map has a sense of being a living nightmare and there are scary moments

- Doom does not render true 3D space but the levels are designed in a way that you have heights and you can freely explore the locations in a non linear way.

- There is a steady player's progression. There are mechanics that once you learn it, the same procedure happens in the next levels.

- Sometimes Romero places a deco representing death and there is some ammo next to it. A few steps further and there is a sharp turn. It's not just random placement or deco that is just that, a deco. It's a warning sing, very subtle indeed.

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In a bit of a surprise, 2 days ago steam started downloading around 500MB update for Quake; yeah 1996 Quake.

The update is even bigger that the game install itself. Turns out, it's Quake Enhanced, reworked by Machine Games.

Long story short, I'm replaying Quake (already in Episode 3)


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