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Planet Coaster, I'm addicted, check out my park    

No, I was curious to see if the game could handle stacking the NPCs in the house in just one area... but then I had to take a step further with a larger area. I call this The Morning After

im fucking serious your opinions make me sick

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5 hours ago, Jetsetlemming said:

Not playing anything but watching AGDQ instead. Right now the TASBot is remote executing code on a SNES via Link To The Past to draw a fucking FMV of a Portal speedrun frame by frame, and the chat is half convinced they're somehow actually running Portal on a SNES. This is the best thing by far from this entire marathon.

I was actually thinking about having a GDQ thread, but I guess it's a bit late. DRAM world was HYPE

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21 hours ago, Sentura said:

There are plenty of reasons there shouldn't be shield enemies in any SP game ever. But the fact that they are in Doom is so much worse. Doom is a symbol of careless, coverless combat where you rely more or clutch reactions and instinct rather than thinking. Having shield enemies in Doom is an antithesis to what the game is about.

That's true -through and through- just saying that I didn't mind too much ;)

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Finished ori and the blind forest. Pretty decent game overall, I like how the game progresses most of the time and the challenges you face for the abilities are great. I just wish they would have made it so you don't have to almost complete the game to get all the abilities, would have been amaze to see them try to put all of the abilities together in some gauntlet style execution loops. Still, great game.

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I finished Far Cry 4's main story a couple of days ago, but I still have some side quests and two dlcs left to complete. While the story was more elaborate than in previous games, I didn't find it that convincing. Though, I liked how the relationship between Amita, Sabal and Ajay evolves throughout the game. That was one of the better parts of the narrative. As for gameplay, it's pretty much what you'd expect from a Far Cry game: run and gun bad guys with some poaching on the side. It's fun to blow up your enemies with a grenade launcher while you pilot "the bad ass mini chopper". The freedom of movement certainly adds to that experience, but I've found out that there can be too much of that. The game will have you traverse the world from top to bottom again and again. It's true that you can have fun on the way, but the environment is just more of the same, with very few memorable locations, and after a while it just wears out. Hence why there are quick travel locations and auto driving.. I'm not a fan of those as I've seen games that manage to do well without them - like the stalker series for instance. Oh yeah, I absolutely hated the eagles. They're on my list among the kleers and creepers. Overall, the game has it's moments and you can have fun unloading your weapons, but I feel like it's trying to be grander than it is. You could probably cut the world in half, condense the story and have a more memorable experience. 


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