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What are you playing now?

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Planet Coaster, I'm addicted, check out my park    

No, I was curious to see if the game could handle stacking the NPCs in the house in just one area... but then I had to take a step further with a larger area. I call this The Morning After

Been playing so much over the last couple of weeks, so here's an opinion bomb:   Call of Juarez Gunslinger Got it in the Steam sales, wanted to get it when it launched but never got around to it. R

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Been playing:


Xenonauts - pretty awesome, gets a bit tiresome though, can only play in bursts. It isn't like the new xcom where there seems to be great progression and new things to do all the time

Age of Empires 2 HD - basically just playing through the campaign, tbh it really highlights how amazing the Starcraft 2 campaign is.

Thief - seems alright but again gets quite repetitive

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Starting yesterday's session I noticed I was just below 60% of Arkham Origins… can't believe how little impressive this story is: I got to 90% by the end of it.

Also I think the sound mix is done poorly, dialogues aren't very clear, they seem to be on the same channel of other effects :/

Very disappointed

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