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Planet Coaster, I'm addicted, check out my park    

No, I was curious to see if the game could handle stacking the NPCs in the house in just one area... but then I had to take a step further with a larger area. I call this The Morning After

Been playing so much over the last couple of weeks, so here's an opinion bomb:   Call of Juarez Gunslinger Got it in the Steam sales, wanted to get it when it launched but never got around to it. R

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Well I kind of agree :D, anyway let's hope for Tarn Adams a social legitimacy by entering the cultural business : Dwarf Fortress will end up in school books, a city will probably name a subway station by a subtle reference to Armok : the god of blood, and his work will fuel the polemics of the avant garde generation of artists in 2456.

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have they tried kickstarting a 3d version for more exposure maybe hire a writer from another industry like neil gaimen to flesh out some strong female characters, like a sexy brooding elf archer. Maybe a toony artstyle as a stretch goal and hire an art director from ubisoft to get that job done right

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Tarn Adams is a repulsive man, an individual engaged in a worthless pursuit, a human who is throwing away the best years of his life on a childish whim, and yet he is still better than you.



At about 1:30 a.m., a family of hippos, represented by light gray H’s, swam into the tunnels from a nearby river. Their arrival was an unintended development born entirely of the game’s internal logic. Tarn was pleased. “The hippos like the sewers!” he said. He took a celebratory swig of Dr. Pepper and rocked back and forth.


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People should play Nosgoth but they won't and it will fail because it's based on the Legacy of Kain franchise for some fucking reason so no ones really paying attention to it but it's probably one of the best mp games out there. Well balanced and fun but who cares when there's 8 derivatives of dota to be played right

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I've found a friend, not even an internet friend but a real person in like real life and stuff, who plays Unthinkable Natural Law (soku). So I've been grinding that a little bit. I keep thinking the dash button is going to work like Arcana Heart, though. It's not as good as IaMP but it's nice to play around with quirky fighting games and not play goddamn USF4.


I completed Momodora 1-3 and did a shitty speedrun of the latter for achievements. It looks a lot like Cave Story, although a lot of people say it's more linear, which is weird because Cave Story is pretty linear when you boil it right down. They're all pretty short, fun and have nice presentation. 1st is a lot more action focused, 2nd is a lot more exploration focused, and the third is kind of the structure of the first with melee attacks and a lot more polish.


I think I like the 2nd the best. My biggest problem with third is it's too easy to exploit a few items that trivialize the game.

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