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top 10 greatest movie endings

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In the "completely depressing, but perfect" ending catagory:

Requiem for a Dream

One flew over the Cuckoo's nest

Donnie Darko


All really depressing endings, but all perfect.

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":1w2qnjym]Man, Requiem for a Dream put me in a depressed mood for 2 hours. And that's exactly what the movie was trying to achieve so they win.

I'm still depressed from it, and I saw it like 8 years ago :sad:

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thanks guys but i know all these movies ! :oops:

it cant be that there are no more movies with awesome endings out there that i haven't seen yet ... UNPOSSIBLE !

the low budget sci fi movies thread charged me with tons of new movies to watch

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this is actually pretty good. i always loved these sort of alternate storylines (and universes) that some people make on existing stuff, and the only way this could get more awesome would be if

booboo realized yogi was a manifestation of his dark side and, having him shot metaphorically would mean that he was relieved of it


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