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top 10 greatest movie endings


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in the vein of the awesome movie scenes thread and the low budget sci fi gems thread i want to hear from you what your 10 favorite movie endings are ! i for one am of the opinion that the ending can make or break a movie even if the 90% before were shit an awesome conclusion can turn anything around ! and i really mean the ending here dont just post your 10 favorite movies of all time for example i dont think that the ending of "heat" is really all that strong which is incidentally my all time favorite these days !

-the last crusade ( a more perfect trilogy conclusion couldn't have been executed)

-the fountain

-the plague dogs

-blade runner (directors cut/final cut)

-28 days later ( dvd bonus alternate ending)

-children of men


-end of evangelion






-the last king of scottland

-the good the bad and the ugly

after careful consideration i opted for not putting them in order often it depends what kind of mood you are in ^^ also i over shot the goal a bit with 15 movies :derp: so if you only have 3 at the top of your head let me hear them too...

i want them quality endings show them to me !!!!!!!!

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damn you dux!!! :mad:

WAIT i got some better:

Dr. Strangelove

Apocalypse Now

American Beauty

Usual Suspects

I just noticed that, other than Usual suspects, all the movie endings I've listed involve people being killed.. and one involves EVERYONE on the planet being killed :) Interesting...

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/me punshes himself in the face for forgetting the mist .... fantastic ending !

also i forgot from my list luc bessons:

Le grand bleu

one of those cases where the ending completely redeems the rest of the movie

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I cant believe you guys forgot The Mist

I thought of the Mist as soon as I saw the topic title, because I knew someone would mention it. Is it good, though? It's certainly shocking and comes out of nowhere, and that seems more what the topic is about, but I wouldn't put it on the good pile. In context it doesn't make a lot of sense and it wasn't in the original story, it's just a sudden cheap as shit way to end the film.

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