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There're never any guarantees, but you have to consider the facts:

  • [*:cy1jwrcs]Rockstar is publishing this game, not developing it
    [*:cy1jwrcs]It's an in-house engine, not the engine used by Rockstar's games
    [*:cy1jwrcs]The developers Team Bondi have never released a PC game and openly claim to be console-only developers

So while it's possible, it's pretty unlikely.

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didnt this game use to be black and white ? that would have been awesome has there ever been a real black and white game. ? i mean that trys to mimic the look of black and white film not:

silent film: pb winterbottom

indian shadow theater : limbo

or frank miller : mad world

i mean actual black and white film ? shame that they are shying away from this i bet some marketing people had some pie charts ready to proof that people prefer color and it would hurt sales.

doesnt matter really though i am just gonna dial down the saturation on my tv i guess.

There's an option to make it black & white only under the pause menu. 8)

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Just finished it.

Even if the last couple of hours did fall a bit apart for me, then I'd still say that

it's one of the most memorable and engrossing game experiences that I've had to date. Got some serious highs when things were rolling and were totally into the the cases. One thing that did bug me a little were the parts where you physically walk around and gather evidence. I think the purpose is absolutely essential to the game, but the act of wall hugging your way around crime scenes while listening for your cue feels a bit undercooked to me. Another thing that bugged me in the beginning was the interrogation parts where I'd feel like I couldn't tell their bluff, but after slowing down a bit I started getting way better at it. Doesn't change the fact that you'll sometimes fuck it up but that's also part of the charm of it I guess. And dammit their chases are awesome!

I'm also interested in seeing how I'll react once I get back to a game without this kind of performance capture. I bet it's kinda like the high res displays on phones these days; In no time you won't pay much attention to it, until you see the old version :)

Oh and looking at the city I'd say this is the perfect game for massive amounts of DLC, hope they deliver!

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I'm at about 50% completion and it's starting to weigh on me a bit. Doesn't help that I've failed the majority of the questioning sections for the last 2 or 3 cases. Really is a kick in the balls when that chime fails to play after an answer. Never did I think I'd find myself raging at this game.

It's good though. Probably just have to lay off it for a couple days.

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