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didnt this game use to be black and white ? that would have been awesome has there ever been a real black and white game. ? i mean that trys to mimic the look of black and white film not:

silent film: pb winterbottom

indian shadow theater : limbo

or frank miller : mad world

i mean actual black and white film ? shame that they are shying away from this i bet some marketing people had some pie charts ready to proof that people prefer color and it would hurt sales.

doesnt matter really though i am just gonna dial down the saturation on my tv i guess.

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Wow, big difference for the PS3 version there. According to comments and other reports the 360 has frame rate issues with the game too, despite its visual compromises. Guess that settles which copy I'm getting, then.

Disappointing, though. Developers have largely done good work minimising the cross-platform difference, which is the way it should be.

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get a PS3 if you wanna be cool and all.

haha yeah :)

HP are you 100% sure it won't be available on PC ? it is still a rockstar production, they like to say "This game is only for consoles" and after several months, "here you are pc gamers"

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