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The whole older games being unplayable thing is pretty hollow. Basically after the first 15 minutes visuals are almost meaningless. I'm yet to truly experience this phenomena. If I stop playing an old game it's because I run the fucker through my mind a dozen times and get bored before I even really start.

I can still load up Doom, or Deus Ex, or Thief, or Quake 2, or Yoshi's Island and still have a blast.

All that's really changed is we tolerate thing's less and less as time goes on.


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how far away are you from release? what sort of stuff is there left to do, is it mostly fixing up code and gameplay stuff or is there lots of level design, art, or animation left to do?

there's lots of skilled people here, maybe they would like to help out, or is it going to be a case of "we're a mod team we know best"? :-D

There is like a very small amount of level design, art, and animation. We arent far.


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I bet you have thrown my contribution of the Bounce level in the bin.

Ha! I remember this. I totally forgot it was you that made that. Yeah, we decided it wasnt in the proper scale (not tall enough) and it would make more sense to just re-do it ourselves do to the time it would take to re-work yours and put our content in it. It wasnt a bad map though.

Also one thing, and yes, I say this with love. You had a torus in your DM_Bounce made out of WORLD BRUSHES! What. The. Fuck. Dude that area of the map was a complete VVIS nightmare, holy hell.

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