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Finished it!

Props to the devs for making Xen chapters a unique experience as almost as if it was not Half-Life anymore, but a new game on its own. Well done.

Some sections really felt unrecognizable and totally new which is a big plus as opposed to being an exact copy of HL levels.

The puzzles in Interloper dragged on a bit and became repetitive, but that doesn't take away from the total experience.


And that Gargantua Chase in Interloper...that made the heart rate go up a bit :-D

I counted 8 Gargantuas chasing me when I reached the end safe spot.


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Zen is Fan fucking tastic.


The middle bit with the vortigons is a little underwhelming visually but is really cool narratively and actually ties into why gordon is considered their savior.The new level design in general in Zen (im assuming its actually all new, I don't remember zens layout that well).

The boss fight with running guy is amazing, such a great encounter, the initial fight, the build up, the mix of mechanics to escape, etc

The earth part of the game is really well done too, so much little bits of environmental story telling that I don't remember from the original, the whole complex makes a little more sense than it did in HL.

For earth the experimental lab and the lambda complex were probably my favorite parts.


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