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Sorry, I forgot abut this thread.

I got word back from my source. He is as vague as anyone. All he can say is "soon". He was telling me some stories about the intro track ride causing issues.

Anywho's.. Soon. shrugs

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Ho shit, still alive ! :o

Here is a quick fix I did today. Enjoy.

* Fixed bug with grunt grenades not exploding when in a squad

* Pre-loaded our expression phonemes

* Serverside ragdolls collide properly with itself. However, there is an bug with the controller ragdoll for unknown reasons ( can be ignored for now ).

* Human Grunts will turn into a burnt corpse if killed while on fire

* Fixed a crash bug with the snarks attempting to bite an invalid enemy

* Fixed a bug with jump leap behavior not working with other NPCS other than houndeye

* Tripmines explode on player touch to prevent jumping exploits

* Tweaked Assassin laser eye width

* Tweaked weapon sprint behavior again

* Added secondary roll grenade attack to weapon frag

* Increased glock max range for NPCs

* Increased mp5 max range for NPCS

* Moved the reload sound for the 357, glock, and mp5 from code to QC anim event

* Shotgun will auto reload when clip is empty

* Moved tau body spin code to client side

* Adjusted tau spin luminance glow to only toggle when charging

http://forums.blackmesasource.com/showt ... post374274

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":26u8mahl]Everytime someone bumps this thread... my heart pumps for 2 seconds, then it goes back to normality.

It's always funny to play with you hea-



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I kind of don't understand why they don't just post some video or talk more about. Instead of out of the blue updates like that.

Because it's a mod? And like you know, everyone that starts working on a mod is hyped at first, then the excitement fades and all the team elements leave the team to go live a more exciting life playing CS.

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