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New Dredd film. Looks shit.


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The costume is pretty gay, I'm at least glad they've stuck to the original helmet design but the rest of it is meh.. where's the chain to his badge? I can't even see the eagle on his right shoulder...

I expect this to be better than the previous abomination of a film.

I wouldn't get your hopes up, I hope they at least don't try and rehash the shitty Rico and Fargo storyline which lasted a few issues. It'd be far better to do a storyline like The Robot Wars or even maybe the Apocalypse War.

Btw there's a fan made movie being made (which I've already posted images of) and the design of the costume is near perfect;



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What the mother fuck is this? "Mega City One Entrance"... little garages... a swivelling door? Where the fuck is the Great Wall armed to the teeth.. where are the "No muties allowed beyond this point" signs? Who the fuck is that guy standing in front of this travesty?! AGRRRRHH!!!

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I think you're getting a bit carried away D3 considering pre-preproduction has barely taken off and they're still simply putting stuff together. All of these shots are from the very earliest stages of production, and the chances are CGI will be used extensively to dress up everything you're looking at.

I was looking around and apparently the script has been very well received by those who've read it, and also unfinished Lawmaster motorbikes have been spotted although noone's been able to sneak in a photo.

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