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Fabrice Piquet - Environment artist


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J'aime beaucoup ton site, la présentation, les visuels, mais j'ai du mal avec la navigation : ouvrir une nouvelle page à chaque miniature, c'est un peu chiant.

Peut-être que tu devrais installer un lightbox qui afficherait les images au milieu du site ?

Enfin, j'aime beaucoup l'ambiance et je le trouve plaisant à visiter :)

I love your website, presentation, visuals, but I have trouble with navigation : open a new page for each thumbnail is a bit boring.

Maybe you should install a lightbox that would display images in the middle of the page ?

Finally, I love the atmosphere and I find it pleasant to visit :)

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the only major problem is that the work page is very slow loading. That is never a good thing. Forget about showing everything and focus on the best that is in the field you want to do (which I don't actually know from looking at your site quickly).

If you want to be a level designer, focus on that and always list it first on your skills. ie in your blurb u put "I am a 3D environment artist and amateur level-designer." but then further down you list "Unreal Development Kit (level design, assets, lighting)" where design is last in one then first in another. I also didn't see any design with an explanation behind it. Images aren't really enough when it comes to design.

I get the feeling you want to be an environment artist really, so put the emphasis on that.

xhtml and css should be at the bottom of any code list if at all.

Hope that helps a little.

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Thanks for your comments ! :)

I just updated the website with lightbox preview and I have added support for internet explorer (*sigh*).

I have also reduce the gallery with my "best" stuffs only...

@Vilham :

I'm more a graphic level designer than a gameplay level designer. So you are totally right in fact with "I get the feeling you want to be an environment artist really, so put the emphasis on that.".

But environment artist is not a bit simplistic ? What I like is to create graphical environments and not just the objects components.

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That's what an environment artist is. Otherwise you would be just a 3D modeler. If you are beautifying a level you are an environment artist. So you are right to show scenes that show your ability to turn a box based area into something that is believable.

Ha, of course ! This is obvious now that you said it!

Thank you ! :-D

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You can improve the lightbox for not darken the rest of the page, look : i find that way is better, I don't have the feeling i'm on a new website.


And maybe, to improve the content, you can add some description/presentation of your projects ? before or after thumbnails


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Lightbox background -> Done, removed. I planned to do and I had a weird bug with it.

Description ->


Personally, I prefer without description, otherwise it breaks the layout and the reading.I can add a new page with name "projects" where I explain my different projects.

The best thing (I think) is to present my work first and regroup explanations later on another page for example.

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