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[Unpaid] [UDK] Project Aron recruiting

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Project Aron is a first-person fighting game which employs a tactical use of elemental magic in a competitive multiplayer environment. Movement becomes a essential part of this gameplay, and the environments are encompassed by the concept of truly free movement and maneuvrability.

Fighting is a visceral blend of swords and grappling where the final blows ends in gruesome executions. Magic is performed by using ones internal energy to reshape the elements of the world, for movement, defensive, offensive or supportive purposes.


  • [*:2uad7w08]








(precision jumps and wallrunning)

You can check out a WIP area, with reference images for the environments, here:




  • [*:2uad7w08]Great knowledge about level creation in the Unreal Editor
    [*:2uad7w08]Great knowledge about level design (such as choke points)
    [*:2uad7w08]Being able to create asymmetrical maps
    [*:2uad7w08]Being able to design vertically and overlapping, truly non-flat 3D maps
    [*:2uad7w08]Being able to design according to player movement metrics


  • [*:2uad7w08]Creating a multiplayer level for each mode, supporting 6-15 players

Mail your application to zombiraptor@gmail.com, together with a short description of your previous work, and a work sample or portfolio. Be sure to mention name and which position you're applying for in the subject. You may also mail this address for any questions or to request our Vision Statement.

Note: This game will be released freely online, and there are no intended sources for revenues. This means that these are non-paid positions.

PS. We accept applications for all positions, so if you're interested to help us out in another department, don't hesitate to contact us!

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