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[WIP Crysis SP Mod] Arthias


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Hello everybody. I've decided to post my work here in hopes of getting some extra feedback in addition to what I get over at Crymod.

Arthias started as a single player environmental map for Crysis. After some time I decided it would be a great setting for a sci-fi story I had been working on a with a couple friends. So with some help from them I've combined a whole bunch of story concepts I've had for years and put it into one mod. Right now I'm working on the Prologue, which won't focus so heavily on the story, but rather on establishing the planet Arthias as a setting for the full mod.

That's the idea, now here are some pictures, and a video.

Please note that since I posted the video I have since started working full-time, so the release date shown at the end of 1/1/11 is no longer reasonable.





The glowing plants were modeled and textured by Mr.Sin from Crymod. The stalgmites were modeled by me.

Thanks for reading. Comments are much appreciated.

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I like that the outdoor environment stretches all the way to the horizon, really gives that feel of a big area to discover, a real gigantic planet.

From 20 seconds and on, damn... :ohhh: Those nightshots and cave area look so atmospheric!

Definitely keeping an eye on this one! I hope you can convey the same mood ingame when you actually run around in the scene.

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Sorry I didn't mention gameplay. Basically it's based around exploration. I'm gonna allow the player to take samples of plant life and such to unlock info on them. Just to give some insight into the complexity of the planet's ecosystem.

As for environments, I'm going to have it change based on time. As the ToD goes to night you'll start running more variations in the vegetation. Bioluminescent plants will provide most of the light deep in the forest at night. The forest itself will have some variations in structure as well. There will be some waterfalls running through rock formations, swampy areas, and more open grassy places.

Here's a more rough section. A small stream running under some large rock formations overhead. The ToD is still pretty basic so it doesn't look its best yet.


...and yes, I'll sit in a dark room all day long to do this stuff professionally. lol :D I love working with CryEngine. It's an amazing piece of technology and has never failed to create something I can imagine.

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lol Thanks! It's great to get such awesome feedback from you guys at Crytek. Here's another picture showing one of the vistas that overlooks the waterfalls. The mountain on the other side of the waterfalls has the space scenery hidden under it. Polycount and DPs are similar (just a bit less) than the Island level in Crysis.


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