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Snatch-ify yourself


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So while browsing the SA forums I came across a thread that gave me an idea that I decided to steal and put up here for you all to do, although we can spill over to other things such of Neo and Smith or Frodo. What ever floats your boat.

Any way this guy just watched Snatch again, and the intro reminded him of the Photoshop thread of long ago where the SA goons Snatch-ified their photos like in the intro to the movie. I think the effect is pretty cool.

N00BS: Open Photoshop. Open a picture of you. Magnetic lasso select yourself. Copy. Create document. Paste into new layer. Save selection mask. Image->Mode->Greyscale. Image->Mode->RGB Color. Fill background with color of your choice. Select yourself. Image->Adjust->Contrast. Fix yourself to your liking. Layer->Layer style->Stroke (you can also do that nifty pen technique). Add text. Upload. Post.


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