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Beginner tablet..


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Okay, I searched around on here for tablet recommendations, but all I found was stuff 2+ years old. I'm an awful artist, but I still think it'd be fun to play around with it.. So I'm not wanting to spend a fortune, but I also don't want something so small/poor quality that it isn't fun to use! Basically just going to play around in photoshop. I might try it with my engineering CAD stuff, but I doubt it will be anywhere close to as good as the good ol' mouse.

Naturally I looked at Wacom stuff first, but it seems massively overpriced as far as pure technical specs go.. and on newegg, most of them (that aren't $200-$600 :oops: ) have pretty poor ratings.

So right now I'm leaning towards this one:

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6823166090

Amazon has it for $85, which is a bit more than I wanted to spend, but it seems to have pretty decent ratings, with the only big negative rating due to poor OSX drivers, which does not concern me. Large drawing area for the price and more or less on-par for pressure sensitivity and resolution. Some people have said there is a bit of a delay, which does concern me.

I'm going to say $75 max, what do you all recommend for my price range and usage?

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Ok so I think I'm picking up a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch or a Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch... Depending on whether or not I think the extra space is worth twice the price :shock: Thanks for your input fellas :)

Now, I know I could google this and probably find the same stuff, but if anyone has any suggestions on essential brush sets, or good tutorial sites, let me know :-D

I'd like to eventually get into screen printing with this, so solid colors mostly. Think it'll be easier to get into that way anyways :derp:

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