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dm_cascade - wip


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Ok this is my first real attempt at a map in source, I'll most likely throw it into the HL2DM comp. as well. But I am trying to finish up this one area and I want to get all your ungodly oppinions on my POS.

Oh and I know some shadows are just f*ked up, im gonna fix them, i swear.


Only 3 screens there atm, all of the same area, just diff. angles. All crit's welcome.


I also want to add some more detail to the dam.. so any suggestions for that would be appreciated.

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Ok. Just been tweaking a little bit, I tried out your ideas sonic, ground is now less gray and has a lot of mud type texture to it, do i need more? Also dam texture has been increased in size, this also means i need to fix up some brushwork to adjust to new textures. It looks pretty good, but it gets a bit blurry when up too close.

Also I played with the sun a bit, looks better but still aint right

New screens are available in same link as above

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