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[UDK] Grim: Strange Case - Artists needed

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Our team, Wafflestomp, is looking for artists to help create our small vanity project, Grim: Strange Case. Unpaid, but badass.

About the Game: Grim is an over-the-top beat em up sidescroller set in 1890's London. You play as Grim, the demon gentleman, who has a lot of similarities with Jack the Ripper.

You will be fight against a fellow demon chap, Dr. Jekyll. Jekyll is bent on bringing London to its knees, but Grim, who also resides in London, cannot permit this. In your pursuit of Jekyll you will encounter his minions, the poor common Londoners who have fallen victim to Jekyll's serum.

About the Team: We are mostly industry professionals at a few different AAA companies. Regardless of where we work, we are badasses and we are looking for some more badasses. We are unique as far as small nonprofit indie teams go because we are mostly technical, with some artists. Instead of the usual, all artists teams. So far the team is comprised of 2 programmers, 1 designer, 1 level designer/artist, 1 UI artist, 1 animator, 1 rigger, and 3-4 semi committed artists.

What we need: Committed artists. We need concept and 3d artists for both character and environment. You will need to be able to match the style target. Which lies somewhere between WoW and Fable...more towards Fable's texturing style. We're using UDK, so some familiarity with that is preferred, but not necessary


Send a PM or email wafflestomp.grim at gmail.com . Obviously be able to show work.

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