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(UDK) Shotgun Spartacus


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I'm currently working on a level in UDK. It's a 10- to 15-minute single-player experience using UT3 assets and running a mod that I've developed to make UDK's demo game a bit more suitable for single-player combat. The level's due to be completed in about a week, so I'd love to get some feedback on it.

There's a 10-minute playthrough video here:

Or if you'd like to play it yourself, you can download the installer here: http://www.theorderls.com/belt/wm/large ... l-COLD.exe

There are a few areas that still need to be properly decorated, and several of the cutscenes are still rough around the edges. There's still time to make adjustments to the encounters, but on the whole everything is finished or close to it. However, I know there are plenty of things that need to be changed, so if there's anything that stands out to you from watching or playing the level, I'd love to hear about it.






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+ Arena script sequence is great and shows a lot of potential

+ The arena script sequence is a great level introduction

+ Final script sequence is awesome presented

- Way too symmetric I prefer asymmetric levels

- Sometimes it feels like a multiplayer map

- The level pacing is a bit confusing (waiting for the final art pass)

The bottom line is that your level shows a lot of potential, but for me it's in an early beta stadium.

I love the way how you've implemented the soldier who kinda guides you through the level but on the other hand there is

your level layout which doesn't emphasize your great work - I'm looking forward to the "final" art pass.

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