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genuinely scary/disturbing movies for halloween?


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So, halloween is tomorrow and me and some freinds are getting together for a movie night, and im tring to find some genuinely scary movies/documentries/etc. Im trying to avoid 'mainstream' horror and gore flicks (Saw, hostel etc) as I just find them a bit boring to be honest. So if you guys have any sugestions please let me know! (Excluding Dux and D3ads bondage tape!)

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I enjoy the fun Halloween/Horror movies in October, This was a list of some of the movies I watched this month. I recommend seeing Treak R Treat if u have not.

- Treak R Treat

- Brain Damage

- Dead Alive/Braindead

- The Blob

- Re-Annimator

- Troll 2 for the worst best movie lol

- Pumpkinhead 1 or 2

- Lepurchaun

- Return of the Living Dead

- Evil Dead 2

- Dr. Giggles

- The Mist

- Night of the living dead Remake

- Halloween 3 - the one without Micheal Myers

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rec 2 is out, i'd check that out. paranormal activity has already been mentioned, i guess blair witch if you haven't seen that one. "them" and "the others" as well. also, for japanese horror, i'd go for dark water.

there are also some pretty good x-files episodes you might want to consider...

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rec 2 is out, i'd check that out.

it's nowhere near as good as the first one. it's still worth watching but all the characters are so stupid and i didn't really like the story much.

besides REC1 and everything else already mentioned, i'd say Kairo (aka pulse) and Noroi (aka the Curse). Antichrist is also meant to be extremely disturbing but i haven't got round to watching it yet.

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