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Hey guys.

Dead by Dawn studios are now searching for talented developers to join our talented team. We have very skilled developers in most positions, but we need to fill up the empty spots to speed up development. At the moment we are working on the Multiplayer 'Project Ink' modification for Crysis 2. More info on the modification below.

Project Ink is a first-person co-op shooter set in the modern world, and revolves around ICON, an organization originally created to deploy expert squads into non-deployable zones with the intent of neutralizing enemy threats, and to make way for full-scale attacks on countries. In the campaign mode, players take control of a newly assembled squad suited for combat in areas where no normal troops could complete their goals. The story was built to focus on dynamic events, exciting action-filled events, and character personality.

Previous work

Seen below is a selection of our previous work. As we do not have any released projects as of yet, this is all we can display publically: (Note, all images seen below are from our previous project, which is now cancelled)


The Following Positions are currently open:

Story Writer - You will help expand the already existing story.

Character Modeler – Needed to create High Poly Characters, and the respective Low poly version.

Prop/Building Modeler - You have to create the Buildings and/or Props needed for our modification.

Weapon Modeler - You are hired to model (and if possible) prepare them for export into the project (Rig / Animation)

Concept Artist - You will create concepts that will aid us in our development.

Level Designer – You will design levels for our projects, using specific information provided by the Game Designers. Experience with the CryEngine2 is a big plus.

In case you are interested in filling a position, contact us at jobs@dbdstudios.net. All applying developers have to complete a test assignment, and if the developer is accepted into the team, a non-disclosure agreement must be signed. Remember to feature your previous work in the email.


Filip 'i59' Lundgren, Dead by Dawn Founder & Lead Programmer



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