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fuck yeah ken you tell em !


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"I like that designers know they have your full attention, so they feel comfortable EXPECTING your full attention"

I really like that quote. For me lately the difference between console and PC gaming focuses has been really made apparent going from playing Call of Pripyat to Nehrim: Edge of Fate to Fallout: New Vegas. NV has a whole bunch of really good stuff... but its console focus just hangs like a weight around its neck, bringing down the interface, and distant land quality, how shootouts flow, etc. so much. They improved it from Fallout 3, which was balanced expecting everyone to use VATS and nothing but VATS, but it's still such a far cry from COP. List-based inventories... :( It's even buggier, losing the final claim that console games have always had for me- that their initial releases were reliable because they were static.

Edit: Not to be down on NV too much, because I absolutely love it. But it's got so much missed potential due to decisions Bethesda made for them in engine and ui.

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It’s great that on a PC you basically have nobody to answer to and can dive straight in. But flying around an anus isn’t innovation, and I’d wager a few PC publishers would not be overly keen to publish a game where you explore a vagina either.

The PC will always be the place that drives innovation. The PC is the place where great game developers are born, even—and maybe especially—where great console game developers are born. Halo, Mass Effect, Call of Duty…PC developers first.

The implication is innovation starts on the PC and even the great console games come from ex-PC developers. At the very least this statement ignores the entirety of Japanese contribution to gaming.

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