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It was very rarely updated, and the majority were just about recruitment openings anyway which we've integrated much better into the forums themselves now. With that said the spotlight feature was cool (thumbnails at the top showing the community's work), and I've been hoping to re-integrate that directly into the header of the forums at some point, as well as a feed which shows updates from community members' blogs, Twitters, etc.

Due to other things taking priority this has been back burned for some time, but it should return — most probably when I redesign the upper part of the site to include the menu, etc which were lost when phpBB was updated a few weeks back.

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I can help out, i think that the old style could be really great with new design and features, and more people that can update. A wordpress based site would make it easy to let different people update, just an idea. I remember visiting the old site thinkin it would be so great with more updates. 4-5 people updating, Two to three updates per day, would be awesome.

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The problem is the demand. The old site wasn't popular even when it was updated with reasonable regularity, largely because too many other sites do the same thing. MapCore isn't really a news and tutorial site, so there's no sense in trying to make it one. We're better off emphasising MapCore's greatest strength, which is its close-knit community of professionals and budding professionals who all give feedback on each other's thoughts and work. I want to keep the forums as the 'home' of the site, and to expand on those by building into them.

For example I do plan to reintegrate the spotlight, complete with the spotlight forum as before where people can give direct feedback. I'll also be having a section in the header which shows articles from chosen members' blogs, etc. This could expand to MapCore-specific articles and interviews, with a featured area for those. The news issue has been brought up and extensively discussed in the past, and I think the best route is to let the forums work as they do: people post threads about current happenings, then they're discussed. Splitting it up so there's also news on a separate home page with comments just isn't the way to go IMO.

Really MapCore isn't broken. The traffic has gone up and up since I've done things like restructure the forums, etc, and I think drastic changes are unnecessary. This is why I'll continue to gradually build in extra functionality. :)

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Actually I would like to see something like a "Post this" forum where you can basically do nothing but create a thread with a link to another thread and a short description of it's content. That forum would serve as a new-and-worth-checking list for people who dont come here regularry. Just limit access to it for people who post regular (like being registered for at least 2 months and half a post per day thing) and we could tweet that or have an RSS of that forum.

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