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UDK - Problem? In engine editor window - help plz


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Hi guys, sorry if this should be in the off topic selection, didn't really know where to put this thread, so move if required.

anyway basically, in the UDK editor window, when im testing my map the player keeps constently strafing left. my keyboard doesn't have a stuck down left key or anything. i can still move forward, back left (obviously) and right, but when i release them all the player is constently strafing left?

its not like a major issue as i can still inspect my level but its just slightly annoying if i want to look at something when standing still. any ideas on this would be great. i've tried ghost mode and its still the same aswell, so i have no idea whats going on with it.

cheers guys.

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Hi Serenius, thanks for replying. no its basically when i start up the editor its automatically going left. i've tried like pressing the left strafe to unstick it, but it just keeps happening. not sure if its an idea to reinstall UDK if i can't find a suitable solution. but yes in basic terms its going left without any input at all. :(

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