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Ignition-Point Entertainment looking for mappers!


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The Eternal Silence development team(Ignition-Point Entertainment) is recruiting more mappers. You will be a part of a dedicated, international team and be working to satisfy an extremely dedicated community.

Furthermore, mapping for Eternal Silence will give you an unequaled opportunity to further your level design skills, as a map for Eternal Silence is, in effect, 3 maps and design styles rolled into one, functional and dynamic map. Your ability to think and create in 3 dimensions will be heavily tested and improved, as there’s no “up” and “down” in space - every portion of the space dimension will be explorable from all sides.

Apart from experience in level design, there are some general job requirements:

- Must have some modding experience with the Source engine.

- Must have time and dedication to work on this project until it’s done.

- Must own a Source engine game(i.e. Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Counter-strike Source or Team Fortress 2).

Personal attributes:

- Must be responsible and independent.

- Must possess strong written communication skills and be proficient in English.

- Must be a team player!

Eternal Silence is a non-commercial modding project for the Source engine, which means that none of us get paid. We can, however, offer the opportunity for you to put your print on a high-profile mod for the Source engine. Your work will be distributed directly through Steam, available to anyone with a Source engine game.

Tasks include:

- Completion of earlier unfinished projects.

- Creation of your own projects for Eternal Silence.

- Creation of single-player content.

To apply, send Ed, our mapping team lead, an application with samples of previous work at ed@eternal-silence.net . Thank you for your time.

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