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Well after many debates about what looks better with some people I changed it back to thumbnails. I myself found the thumbnails better as well. As pointed out above the main thing that looked weird was the repetition of the BFBC2 shots, this was mainly because of the weapon in the low right corner (BFBC2 didn't have an option to hide hud and weapon). So I just did the thumbs for those just manually now and took points of interest as the thumbnail. So the repetition is less now.

I do have another question we debated about, as the Blog is being updated a lot more than the Projects page, what do you think should be the main page of the site? Projects or Blog?

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Updated my projects page last weekend with final shots of all 3 Off Limits levels I did.

Also did updates on my blog where I added a lot of work in progress shots and text over

the years of working on Off Limits. I also created a FlickrPro account so I could have

the full sized images shown on it from now on without resizing them. For those interested

you can go check it out: http://www.wesleytack.com/

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