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South Park mid-season premiere


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I actually like the episodes that cover "current" events, and most of the episodes that poke fun at celebrities. Like the one with Bono, the biggest shit in the world :D

This nascar episode was a bit unfunny, tho it was entertaining. Cartman is entertaining when he does things that are not so stupid that his character should understand it. I mean, "

I need to get more stupid and poor in order to be a nascar driver

". The premise is just bad^^

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i think southpark is at its strongest when it either

1) covers real world events

2) get insanely self referential

3) plays devils advocate in the most offensive way possible !

the sumemr camp episode was more of a statement than an actual episode if you ask me

the 2 episodes before got heavily censored/pulled because they poked fun at islam/tom cruise again (the only 2 thigns where they "crossed the line" before !)and there was a statement from matt and trey afterwards where they said something like: "next week we will do something completely different."

and than they delivered completely generic and unfunny run off the mill saturday morning bull shit !

basically they are saying we dont have to push the envelope we can also totally sell out if thats what you want ! (knowing that we the fans dont !) so in turn upping the pressure on comedy central to let them do what ever they want !

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