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[TF2] Arena_Draft

Lord Ned

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From Matt "Lord Ned" Hoffman and Ben "Nerdboy" Waters comes:



(Extra screenshots in the linked thread, they're 1080p so I don't want to link here without a resize-script on the forum)

So there you have it. Leave a post if you're running it on your server or enjoy it. :)

Extra Thanks:

Thanks to A Boojum Snark and Seba for help with server-list thumbs.

Thanks to Snacks for uncomplicated some displacements.

And really thanks to Nerdboy. Even though it's half his map, this guy has just been amazing to work with. I'd close the map in frustration over something and go to bed, and I'd wake up in the morning and Nerdboy would have fixed or detailed or taken care of whatever it was, without me even mentioning it.

The dream began one quiet August night as Lord Ned prepared to resurrect Hydroelectric. The very same night, Nerdboy, master of time and space, challenged him. "Lord Ned, good sir," he commented amidst the glow of the Livestream client, "I do believe it is preposterous for such an arena map to feature a sight line straight across both spawns." Insulted, Lord Ned challenged him to produce a layout that would be better than Hydroelectric's. And so, Nerdboy was off to produce such a layout in under 80 days. He took two hours. The rest is history.

Produced over the course of a months and eight iterations comes Draft, a new and exciting arena map from the creators of Hydroelectric and Drybed! A mega-fusion of height and options make this map more addicting than Gorge.

Full Change log available here!

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