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ThinkingWithPortals.com Mapping Contest


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Reposting from Interlopers. ThinkingWithPortals.com is hosting their final Portal Mapping Contest before the release of Portal 2, starting on October 1st, 2010. Here's what they have to say:

Let's give the 2007 Game of the Year a proper send off before the sequel, Portal 2, is released in February, 2011!

Here is a look at the prizes:

1st Place Prize - Portal 2 Logo T-shirt, a $50 Steam gift, and Portal 2 pre-order as soon as Portal 2 is available for purchase!

2nd Place Prize - Choice of Blue Robot or Orange Robot Co-op T-shirt, and a $20 Steam gift!

3rd Place Prize - Choice of Blue Robot or Orange Robot Co-op T-shirt, and a $10 Steam gift!

Contest rules, theme and deadlines will be posted up on the starting day of the contest. Check ThinkingWithPortals.com on October 1st, 2010 for full information!

You can find out more about the contest on the ThinkingWithPortals website.

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We are a little more than 2 weeks away from the October 2010 Mapping Contest deadline. A few of our contest entrants have posted up some screenshots of their work, and things are looking good!



Check out all of the screenshots in this thread. Are you mapping for the contest as well? Go ahead and post your own!

Speaking of the contest deadline, there has been a few request for an extension. Contest mappers: please vote in this poll and let us know if you really do need an extension. I told you that two months would go by fast!

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Well, the ThinkingWithPortals.com contest has come and passed. Thanks and good luck to everyone who entered! But now we need people to play the contest maps and rate them to help judge them! All you have to do is play the map and put your rating on the map's Download page. Check out all of the contest maps and rate them at ThinkingWithPortals.com!

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