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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood


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Dunno if it's the same game designer Furyo mentioned who made this one like like the Conviction trailer and Visions of Venice one for AC2, but I love it!

Anyone looking forward to the game? I'm looking forward to continuing the story in SP, dunno about MP. It pretty much looks like The Ship in gameplay, which I loved, so might be good?

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Yeah most likely that was done by the same guy, that's clearly his touch all over it :)

I can't wait to play this and see what my friends and former colleagues added to the game. There are so many new features in this game we talked about last year as a cool thing to add, and they actually worked them all in in this short amount of time, that's going to be awesome.

I also really want to see what came of the ballistics gameplay sequence I prototyped for AC2 last year. Unfortunately it was cut from the game for lack of time to polish Sequence 12 (same sequence that got released as DLC, only with half the content originally planned for it) so I never got a chance to finish that, but I know it's in able hands. It was a fully working prototype that needed about a month of love and I know they have added more than that to it so it should play great.

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I think the urban areas look fantastic, but some of the green areas around the city which have some rocky stuff and such looks pretty awful by comparison.

Really enjoying it though, love the guild stuff where you can get backup from other assassins or send them on jobs for money and XP.

Also, Ass Ass In. Yup.

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Probably gonna get this around christmas or something. Loved the first Assasin's Creed. Never got to play the second one though, seemed a bit too much of the same. I'm not really a fan of playing iterations of the same type of game. Anyways, the multiplayer looks sweet!

Anyone that can comment on the multiplayer, gimmick... or actually fun?

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