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[TF2] 3Dnj's artpass contest thread


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Ok :v so now I think I got enough pics to post a thread here. Still 3 weeks before the end of the contest but I feel a bit late compared to any other participants.

I use the alpine storm theme for the outside (with a lot of content from the swamp theme) and a spytech environement for the red base. :)











Btw, I have some trouble to convert some giant brush into decent buildings :oops: .

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Very nice! The interiors look pretty good.

My only complaint is that the level feels rather oppressive and scary. I don't think this kind of feeling is desirable in a TF2 map and maps like this (sawmill, doublecross) are often skipped by less experienced players.

Some other points I'd change:

- Light sources (on the exteriors) need to be stronger, in a way to help players navigate through the map.

- Since the map is so gray and dark your lights could be more saturated. That would create interesting contrasts and make areas lit by these lights more comfortable.

- Since you are going for a darker atmosphere you could try to have strong angled spot lights showing the player where to go. Valve does that a lot in HL2 maps. Example: Notice how this entire room is lit by only one strong light source.

- You could try to move the fog nearer the camera, to create interesting variations between foreground and background.

Hope it helps and good luck!

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Thanks, mino, i'll try some lighting changes asap. For the fog, there is no fog on the map, only on the skybox, because I had some trouble to match both correctly.

Try to set its initial position near the camera and the end position really far away, so the player never sees where the fog ends. Or you can set a lower global alpha value for the fog (0.7 or so). I think Source has that option :)

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Thanks Hp, Most of the vegetation is from the swamp theme pack, i really like it and I will probably put more vegetation after.

But thanks to Warby I finally try a new ambience, more personal I think because the last one was just a copy paste from ctf_sawmill. I keep the rain because it's something I love but now the map is more bring with some shadow area you can at the end of a day so I can keep my lamp and other light source and people will not say anymore that the map is to dark :-D




maybe the forest cardboard are too pink, I don't know.

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