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Bloody Good Time


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At long last the game I worked on at Outerlight before I left has been unveiled! It's called "Bloody Good Time" and it's being published by Ubisoft. Should be out on XBLA and Steam before the end of the year.

For those interested, it plays a lot like our previous game "The Ship", only quite a bit faster. It's a source engine based multiplayer game in which you play the role of one of 8 different Hollywood wannabes filming under the instruction of the sadistic Director X. Each player is given the name of one of the other players and is tasked with killing them using one of a whole bunch of weapons. As in The Ship you've got to take care of your needs as this is happening; visiting the toilet or grabbing a drink at the bar to avoid falling asleep on the spot or becoming weak with hunger, for example. All the while one of the other players has been given your name and is trying their best to take you down, so you've gotta keep looking over your shoulder for any suspicious stalkers...

It's a lot of fun and our playtests were always crazy and competitive, so we're really pleased it's finally seeing the light of day.

Ubi Page: http://www.ubi.com/UK/Games/Info.aspx?pId=9098

Kotaku article: http://kotaku.com/5628927/clowns-versus ... -good-time

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Yeah the TF2 comparisons are a bit annoying. I mean I can get the visual comparison but some people are writing it off as a rip-off when the gameplay is completely different. The only gameplay it shares with TF2 is that both are FPS games. While TF2 is as team-based a shooter as it is possible to be however, BGT's gameplay is completely every-man-for-himself. Even the graphical comparison is annoying, given it's a fairly natural evolution from The Ship, which predated TF2 by over a year...


But anyway, I guess it's inevitable if you've got a cartoony shooter just now. MNC got a lot of trash talk about it for the same reasons, although I'd say it was better warranted since it is so strongly team based. People came around to it in the end though!

The teaser video isn't something we did in-house at Outerlight - it's Ubi's marketing material. I'd have to agree it's a little baffling if you don't know anything about the game, but like the fake "movie posters" they released a few days before the game announcement, I guess it's all designed to get people curious rather than being informative. No doubt they'll have gameplay trailers and the like before release :)

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Nah dux, not back with em. Can't really talk about the situation in depth here, but myself and 2 other guys left to do our own thing as Haiku Interactive at the end of last year. When we left though the game was basically done except for bug fixing. Since then it's been in a sort of limbo, but looks to finally be ready to go.

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