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The Walking Dead


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The Walking Dead only has 6 episodes and it rocks so far. Jericho pretty much sucked from the beginning because of shitty production values, bad actors and horrible script.

But that's the big difference between shows from a premium cable network and shows from a regular network. When something has AMC or HBO written over it then you can be sure of high production values and great scripts. Just look at HBO's new show Boardwalk Empire. It's like watching a movie (and a pretty great one).

QFT although I think HBO has proven to be the best of the two in terms of quality.

after watching ep2 I'm a little more hyped then I was in the beginning actually.

- romance between lori and shane is fucking boring. expected better acting from sarah wayne callies but this might change.

+ good plot, speed and interesting characters!

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I can't understand how you find that "romance" between Lori and Shane boring after watching the second episode. They showed him fucking her from behind on the ground of the forest with that cutesy heart necklace by her not-so-dead husband in front of the camera at the same time. Even if you don't want to see romantic drama in such a series, at least they deliver it the right way


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QFT although I think HBO has proven to be the best of the two in terms of quality.

I think AMC overtook HBO in the last couple years. Mad Men and Breaking Bad are just so good. HBO has a new winner show tho with Boardwalk Empire. I almost get sad when an episode is over because i crave for more.

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don't get me wrong, I love sex (with women)

:) but I find it distracting from the part of the plot I like to see, wich is surviving a zombieinfested world with limited resources. and apart from that, I find the acting of sarah wayne callies sort of annoying, don't really know why... also: I had the volume cranked up and now everybody in my student housing thinks I was jerking off :( I love the unfolding plot and the introduction of the new characters though! im really curious about how merle dixon is going to come back in the story. :oops:

@ Steppenwolf: it's true that AMC is getting better. even better maybe then HBO, but HBO has more good series on it's name atm then AMC, so I'm, sort of more prone to HBO series then I would with AMC... breaking bad was one hell of a ride though! can't wait for the forth season.

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Just seen Part deux, the

sex from behind with the protagonist's wife

was pretty weird and not needed. I lolled when they were

chopping up the dead zombies and rubbing the guts all over themselves

... I knew it was going to rain before the clouds even started to form :P The preview for Part 3 looks immense :o

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I preferred episode 3 to episode 2. Episode 2 didn't really go anywhere, but this one was quite interesting. Didn't feel like it should have ended at the hand though really. (No spoiler.. If you come to this thread then expect things to be spoiled!)

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Didn't like third episode at all compared to the two previous ones. I really hope they don't go more indepth with this family drama thing anymore.

I just hope either the other police-guy or the wife dies, and then back to the violent stupid zombie-grinding again.

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Even if they go with the love-triangle stuff for a few more episodes, they can easily fix it! If the viewer numbers plummets, just have a horde of zombies overrun the survivor camp while the main character is out in the forest having a piss. Everybody dies, he survives, riding around on horse continues! Problem solved!

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