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Portfolio Nysuatro / Technical Artist


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Hey everybody,

If would love to hear some feedback from you all. I am working on a portfolio to get an intership so there will be a lot of update coming the next month.

I already made the design and put some content in it.


Things I still have to do :

- Still have to put names on the pictures

- Highress pictures will be avaible when clicking on the image

- Add other work

- Put wireframepictures on the site.



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I would remove the background image. It doesn't tile well (I suppose not many people will see this). But it doesn't look great and has some artifacts and bad banding.

Just set the background to a slightly darker grey. This will also help seperate the resume page.

Edit: Right I had a second look at the content.

The ui mod for max is usefull but have you thought about changing the look of the buttons and making them smaller? Or is there an option for this?

Both the high-poly car and the 3d low poly city suffer from a bad render set-up.

The cartoon character is the worse piece on there. (The rig looks fine maybe don't mention that you made the model?)

The matte paiting also look kinda meh some of the 3d pieces don't seem to blend well. The floor also looks odd.

The rest is fine.

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Alright thx for the comments.

I will update the maxscript with your request. Would you prefer beging able to chose the size of the buttons by yourself?

Yeps, you right about the renders. I will be making new ones.

What do you think is wrong about the cartoon character? I am open for feedback for getting it better. it was my first hp character so I can use every piece of advice.

I will update the mattepainting. I guess you mean the metal pipes that don't blend well?

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Yeah being able to choose the size of the buttons would be awesome.

With the cartoon character it doesn't look like the smoothing is set-up properly. Also the face looks a little dodgy (although I can't figure out what because of my lack of knowledge in this area).

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For your low-poly buildings, I'd say, post the wireframes! And from job postings of technical artists I read, you'll have to write scripts and such that improve workflow and make it easier for artists, so if you've got more scripts like the one you have posted, you should post them. Other than that, you seem to be a well-rounded technical artist.

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