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Precursor - Half Life 2 Mod


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Breen is Gordons father.

omg i hope valve never goes there ! dont turn this into one of those "family epics" .... HATE PURE HATE D:

to the mod i must say the teaser does not feature enough footage to make any judgment calls /or predictions about quality so i am opinionless !

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It's near completion? Then where's the rest of the footage? ;)

Sometimes game devs say that they're not making trailers or demos just before release because they want to focus on the game.

When you're basically a one man team, that kind of statement feels very relevant. ;)

Mark the text below if you wish to know a bit of background to the project.

Essentially, the game won't be the best thing ever (

:whaaa: ). I've never done SP before and this mod was my way of getting back into Level design. However, the goal is to make an hour-long SP adventure that keeps your attention throughout. The environments will be varied, there's some good story moments in there, new soundtrack etc. There are a lot of things that could've been done differently and better but it is easy to say that in hind sight. I learned A LOT doing this project and the end result will probably be just fine.

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I am looking to expand my testing pool with some fresh meat ( ;) ). The game is very close to completion and I want to smooth out any rough edges.

The game is an hour-long A-to-B tale with voice acting, music and all other content added in.

If you want to participate, PM me. Please note that I will not accept applications from new accounts.

In addition, I am looking for an experienced level designer willing to mentor me during the last stretch of development.

I.e. evaluate the game as a whole, help me with improvements (like minor tweaks that are highly profitable), give feedback and tips on the overall "look" of maps etc.

Coaching, not developing.

Kind regards,


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