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Bioshock Infinite (Spoiler free thread)

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Good or not, bioshock infinite cover has been discussed over much more than the other videogames covers, players feel their opinion "matters", thus it will stay in a little part of their head with a sense of familiarity and engagement;

If you want people to keep a concept or an image in their heads as long as possible, what's better than having them doing it willingly discussing with their friends, rather than throwing it at their faces ? it is also quite cheaper

Which is what is making it a better cover, soft smooth painless intrusive marketing

Well just an idea :v

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If you'd like any more input, just send me an email and let me know.

PS - I am so excited for this game. Just finished Dishonoured which is a fantastic game, and I think this will feel quite similar in atmosphere. Can't wait! :D

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