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unless it's intentional, you've totally misread the second floor. that bay window cuts into the arch (which is why the two side windows are 5 sided) rather than sits outside it. you've greatly exaggerated the recess of that second floor as well, as the abutments from which the arch springs are pretty much flush with the face of the arch itself.

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I would imagine so, Tanuki, it's making for some odd symmetry in certain places. Think I've got the 2nd floor sorted out for the most part, though I'm not sure if the arch is completely behind the top portion of the second floor. Right now I have it crashing into it... Looking at it closer it does seem to be in back of the second floor.


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whats the purpose of this model ? if you are planing on baking normal maps out of it let me tell you right now that a lot of the modeled detail will get lost because it is not BROUGHT enough ! 90° angels dont show up in normal maps !

if its just for prerendering keep rocking !

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