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Steam, any game, server browser won't refresh


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Seriously what the cheese. I've decided to start playing some cs 1.6, cs:s and some tf2 again as I'm bored outta my skull. But guess what! No matter what I try, the server list won't refresh 90% of the time. If I'm lucky enough to have it refresh on me, I can't actually join a server or view the server info tab. I've looked at the steam forums and notice this happens to a fair few other people with some managing to fix it. I've tried the fixes and naff all works. Does this happen to any of you? This has never happened before and the only things that are different are my OS (win 7 64) and a different router. It may be the router but I don't see how as there have been no problems with anything else other than this.

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happened to me a few times too. luckily the server history stays intact so you're not completely shit out of luck. since you haven't connected to any 1.6 servers before seems that you are :(

Yep. I always use server history, cause it only refreshes the servers that really matters to me.

Steam has been really crappy and unstable since the UI update... damn mac people emot_shakehead.gif

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